Le Mur Vivant hosts artists’ talks and cultural events at the London gallery and at other locations throughout the year.

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Sunday 11th September, 2016 – “What lies beneath” – Illustrated talk, tea and exhibition with artist, Anthea Eames, BA Hons NUA.

Landscape paintings of East Anglia, Australia and Africa created from real earth and alluding to the ancient history, geology, culture and myth of place.

This illustrated talk provides an insight into Anthea’s working practice, methodology and ideas and the experiences of place which inform her evocative and textured paintings.

Based in Norfolk and a frequent visitor to parts of Australia and Africa, Anthea finds a huge amount of inspiration for her mixed media paintings from each of these special places.

Initially she studied Sculpture and Education at Bulmershe College, Berkshire and later Graphic Design and Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts.  She has found that using these different areas of discipline in her work proves useful when exploring and simplifying the visual content of her paintings.

She loves the hustle and bustle of harbours and coastal life, as well as the vast horizons and earth colours of the landscapes of East Anglia, Australia and Africa.  In her work she tries to capture the spirit of a place or situation as well as trying to simplify the form and colour of what she sees. Themes of archaeology, culture, geology and myth often recur and are reflected in her use of locally sourced materials.

The images are invariably created from sketches and memory and develop instinctively.  The place itself acts as the source of the paints she uses; collecting red and yellow ochres, sand, chalk and shingle to make her paints, she then grinds and mixes these materials with opaque and transparent resins. Locally grown blue woad indigo for the blues, and madder for the pinks and purples, further connects her to the Norfolk landscape and peoples who inhabited this land before us.